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It's a Wild, Wild Web World

Bringing your brand to life on the web is an exciting process. There are a lot of things to think about, so strategy, design, and production can be simple... or, not so simple. There are many tools out there these days to help, if you choose to use them. As a designer, I often don't... reinventing the wheel is my pleasure.

A brand look and feel aims to have something about it--possibly hard to put your finger on-- that just feels like its own, not interchangeable with others in its category. That uniqueness is what helps its recognition and reputation grow, with time, as it repeatedly touches its audience.

What I'd like to do on this page is share with you a few brand ideas, achievements, or just visual things that have piqued my interest. Read and scroll below.

Victoria Mille
Design & Culture Enthusiast/Critic, Creative Director Photographic Artist



SF Modernism title=

San Francisco 20th Century Modernism Show
Thursday, September 16, 2010 was the preview gala of the 3rd Annual San Francisco 20th Century Modernism Show. Take a look at some of the terrific things exhibited.


Media and Manolo
In-the-know fashion types had been aware of Manolo Blahnik's amazing shoes for years. But when Sex in the City character Carrie's obsession with them became known, many real life women followed in her footsteps. More


Wine is Pleasure
A former wine taster for the French government, Jean-Noel Fourmeaux has been making wine in California for more than a dozen years. As well as running Chateau Potelle winery, he is a sought-after lecturer, and leads exclusive tours of premier chateaux in the Bordeaux region More


Louvre Stairwell
Staircases and stairwells are fascinating visual fodder for photographers... myself included. Their beauty, I am certain, is not lost on many. Some are architectural marvels; peering down them often a reflex and a delight.


Corporate Design Props: JetBlue
JetBlue sets a nice example of design as an integral part of corporate strategy and identity. They have distinguished themselves with a stylish and witty aesthetic, which is carried through every phase of its business, More


Blackbird Flies High
Blackbird Vineyards has good taste in more ways than one. In its inaugural bottling, the Napa winery's Merlot was awarded points in the upper 90s by the top critics. Entrepreneur Michael Polenske, who purchased the winery in 2003, likens the Oak Knoll District in general, More