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clipSmart® by Kroger
Kroger, the world's largest grocery store operator, needed a new name and identity for their groundbreaking 'clip-less' coupon program. SieckGrowth Creative Director Victoria Miller was excited by the challenge to create a new brand that redefined the coupon category. Kroger Case

Gregs Blog

Greg's Blog on Brand Marketing
Current estimates are that consumers, meaning all of us, have the potential to be exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages every day. This makes getting your brand 'right' absolutely critical to the growth of your business. Go to Greg's Blog


Brand Relevance in the Age of Frugality
Change makes things different. And if you don't think things are changing for consumers in America and all around the world, lift your nose out of your sales data for a second, and take a whiff. View Whitepaper


Wine is Pleasure
A former wine taster for the French government, Jean-Noel Fourmeaux has been making wine in California for more than a dozen years. As well as running Chateau Potelle winery, he is a sought-after lecturer, and leads exclusive tours of premier chateaux in the Bordeaux region... More

SieckGrowth an Ingredient in Cargill Brand Success
The Cargill Health and Nutrition Group is a prolific developer of food ingredients that improve the taste and health benefits of many of the foods we eat every day. Their success in marketing CoroWise, a natural cholesterol reducer and Truvia, an all-natural sugar substitute, More


Dolby Goes Beyond Sound
Dolby is one of the best-known brands in the world-known for enabling the best audio experience in movie theaters and home entertainment systems. To drive growth, the company was rapidly expanding its offerings to include audio in different devices-like PCs... More


Green Business is Growing Business
Building a valuable clean technology brand is quickly becoming one of the most complex branding tasks any company can undertake. Clean technology is relevant to mass targets, based on complex--often misunderstood-- More


Seeking Growth is Vital
Why growth? Growth is lifeblood of the global economy, the sign of a vital brand, the sign of a marketing group's level of performance, and the inarguable proof of a marketing professional's effectiveness. More


A Scalable Approach to Marketing Performance Measurement
Marketing performance measurement is one of the most widely discussed and misunderstood concepts in business. Marketers discuss and debate the ability to measure ROI, optimize spend and drive... More